Our citrus production activity was born in Nizza di Sicilia, in the province of Messina, around the mid-1800s, in the name and by the work of my ancestors D’Arrigo / Barbera.

Subsequently the management is carried out by my grandfather and my father Nino. I decide to take another road, I enroll in the university and become an architect.

Then one day I find the original advertising posters of the family company in a trunk of our old oil mill: it’s love at first sight!

I start dreaming … I am reminded of the ancestor Master Paolo who in the 1600s was a merchant around the Mediterranean … I look at the photo of the historic warehouse with the women who place the lemons to be sent to England in the wooden boxes … I imagine to export all over the world what is born under the wonderful sun of my land, Sicily..from that moment (we are in 2015) I become a volcano of creativity. I am unstoppable!
I think of what delicacies I can make using the fruit of our citrus groves, I elaborate transformation recipes including that of the “leaves”, the biscuits with extra virgin olive oil and essential citrus oils, I study a refined packaging and thus found the brand “Fagruminda “.

From that moment begins a magical and extraordinary adventure, all female!

Titti and Gabriella take care of the production and two other “collaborators” instead spend the beautiful days among the citrus trees, collect lemons and oranges, run, have fun and who knows if one day they will have my same great passion … they are the little ones Flavia¬†and Linda, my daughters, to whose names “Fagruminda” is inspired.