Ingredients for the balls:

  • Fish fillets (mackerels, boulters, groupers etc.) gr. 200
  • Stale bread crumb gr. 100
  • Grated ripe “Ragusano” cheese gr. 80
  • Egg n. 1
  • Grated peel of one not chemically treated “Interdonato” lemon
  • Parsley, to taste
  • Dry mint, to taste
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste
  • Virgin olive oil

Ingredients for glazing and dressing:

  • A jar of “Interdonato” lemon marmalade, gr. 230

Put the fish fillets in a tin-foil paper bag and then into the oven at 200° C till baking is completed. Make the fillets cold, if necessary remove bones and crumble them (for this recipe you also may use cooked fish leftovers).

Soak the bread crumb into water: when it’s soft, squeeze and join it to the fish and all the ingredients.

Mix and make little nut-shaped balls, and then steam them.

Before serving them, heat gr. 100 of marmalade with two spoons of water on a slowest fire, put the balls on the dish and dress them with the hot marmalade. Sprinkle them slightly with virgin olive oil and just grinded black pepper and serve with a spoon of the left marmalade for every guest.