About Us

My name is Antonia Briguglio and I’m an architect with a passion for agriculture. I belong to a Sicilian family  that has been producing and selling  citrus since six generations. My company covers approximately 4.8 hectares located at AlìTerme and Fiumedinisi, near Messina. Moreover, the family  company  owns and carries out  other country estates, whose dimensions are  about 1.6 hectares, located in AlìTerme and Castiglione di Sicilia near Catania, with a magical setting midway  the sea, Etna Mountain and  Alcantara River.


The main production is “Interdonato” Lemon variety, a Kind of cultivation  exclusively produced in the coast towns , from Messina to Giardini Naxos.


The company also produces the so-called “nostrali” Lemons, “Munacheddi” lemons, vanilla oranges, Tarot oranges, Valencia oranges, clementines, grapefruits and Nova clementines.In addition, thanks to my big passion for cakes , I started the production of citrus marmalade and of the delicious “citrus  sweets”, handsome biscuits made of olive oil produced by our farm, whose taste reminds lemon, orange and mandarin.



My whole production respects  the natural seasonality and, therefore, quantities are limited.


My cultivations of  citrus fruits grow and mature in a natural way, the fruits are not treated with ethylene, Imazalil, waxes and anything else, so that  you can naturally also use their peel (to prepare liqueurs, Jams, to flavor desserts, etc….)


As my citrus fruits are not chemically treated, it is appropriate to keep them in a cold place, as home balcony during winter or in the refrigerator, to ensure they preserve their freshness and fragrance for a longer period.